Bio-Energetic Home Assessment

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Bio-Energetic Home Assessment

Living Design remote bio-energetic testing allows you to begin the process of professionally evaluating the overall level of coherence or amount of lifesupporting energy present in your home.

Living Design Remote Bio-Energetic Home Assessment
For homes larger than 2,500 sq. ft., an additional 10¢/sq. ft. may apply

Step 1 Set up a phone consultation to outline the process for providing accurate information sufficient for Living Design Consultants (LDC) to facilitate a basic bio-energetic scan of your home.

Step 2 Customer provides photograph, simple floor plan, location address, and contact information via email.

Step 3 Customer will be given a before and after basic coherence level score. LDC will explain the results and, if necessary, give guidelines and instructions how to cost effectively amplify the existing harmony and/or raise the vitality level of the environment utilizing Living Design Technology (LDT).

Since each space is unique, this scan is highly recommended to identify a wide range of environmental stress to determine the baseline before treating an environment. Treating the environment can be done all at once or in phases.

The Home Assessment starts with a Google Earth satellite scan and LDC bio-energetic testing protocols to discover the base line coherence level of the house and land combined. Test results will determine what is needed to treat the home and earth for electro and geopathic stress. This includes all incoming power sources on or around the exterior of the home. The LDC assessment takes a holistic approach to evaluating and addressing possible sources of chaotic energy in your environment. A simple floor plan and photos are required for this testing.

LDC Exterior Checklist: includes the more visible electrical components such as meters, generators, main electrical panels, street and exterior lighting, etc., to less obvious systems including septic/sewer, proximity to power lines, cell towers, other large buildings, etc.

LDC Interior Electrical Checklist includes: 1) Locations of interior electrical systems and devices and appliances. 2) Location and types of lighting. 3) An understanding of all the electrical items on the two bottom floors. 4) Heating ventilation and AC unit locations and description. 5) Water heater locations and type.

Unifying and Optimizing Interior and Exterior Spaces: LDC uses our bioenergetic test protocols to determine the over all coherence level and check for 32 different sources of toxicity. Fine tuning the interior and exterior as a whole unified field after the environment is initially treated is optimal.