Living Design BioVitality Amplifiers

Living Design BioVitality Amplifiers tools are designed to harmonize a wide range of electromagnetic fields including geopathic environmental stress. These tools optimize the potential for well-being and assist in restoring Nature’s life-supporting, original blueprint to create a perfected distribution of electro-magnetic charge.

Currently, offered as decals, ceramic chargers, and cards, these tools are imprinted with a powerful proprietary blend of naturally occurring geometric shapes, along with stabilized electro-conductive and biodynamic algorithms. Living Design technology is designed to infuse subtle energy fields with a stable, full, and balanced harmonic spectrum of magnetic frequencies common to all life.

For optimal results, Living Design Consultants empowers users to harmonize their homes, work spaces, or outdoor environments by providing guidance for strategic placement of our BioVitality Amplifier tools. To learn more about our local or remote testing, services and the use of Living Design technology in your home, office or neighborhood, call us at 985-630-9370, or connect with us here.

Environmental Energy Balancing
~ Testing & Consultation ~

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